Naruto- Teh Random Flashness 4

NOTE: The song Kiba and Shino are singing is Tribute by Tenacious D. I didn't forget to include it; I just used it twice and didn't bother to put it in the credits two times... Guess I should have -_-'... FANFLASH IS FINALLY DONE. OMG. -collapses- Newgrounds Link: Gaaah... It's so loooong o_o'.... Looking back on the history I realized that I actually started this in... February o_o'... Buuuuut, I didn't work on it for awhile and such XD'... Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this! I was pretty lazy with it, but I still somewhat worked hard on it XD? I make fun of Sasuke in like... Every other scene XD'... And I'm beginning to think Hinata's part Soul Reaper. That knife's starting to turn into a zanpaktou... The audio starts to go off timing as it gets closer to the end... I dunno why it does that... Can you recognize which scenes were in the preview :3? Gaara Kazekage part was Uncle Yo, who is amazing. Go buy his stuff :D. Program Used: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

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