【NARUTO】 ポカポカ POKAPOKA (fan-made animation)

! ! ! NOT MADE BY ME ! ! !
Oh guys. I have been looking through the naruto fan-made animations, I own, on my computer and god, having seen it, totally melted and decided to share with you :3.
Now I can't get enough of this song, it's like playing all the time in my head.
I know it's unusual of me to upload unedited by me stuff, but let's make an exception ;)

When it comes to amvs made by me... I have already 50% of the next done. And it will be concerning Kisame and Itachi (not yaoi though), so if you got any objections, you'd better unsub now. If not, I'll feel honoured if you watch it, when it's published!! :) Thanks in advance. ^_______^


Song: Ojisan ga pokapoka shiterudake (ポカポカ) or simply POKAPOKA lol
Animation's author: no idea :( but they rock for sure!

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